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One-on-One Coaching

Using inventive methods and practical tools we work together to:

  • Define your goals, expectations, and success measures to meet your specific objectives. 
  • Meet or talk regularly either in person or by phone to help you enhance your leadership skills, address strategic and tactical business challenges, and implement a plan to achieve your desired results
  • Receive real-time coaching (10-15 minutes) to address a specific issue you have between scheduled meetings


  • Methodology, tools, and an alternative perspective to help you gain focus, manage change, and achieve results
  • Confidential, objective forum to test your ideas and decisions
  • Safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can generate creative alternatives and take purposeful action
  • Combat isolation “at the top”

We meet every other week for 3-6 months.  If in-person, the meeting is 90 minutes.  If on the phone, the meeting is 60 minutes.  During the coaching engagement, meetings can be a combination of in-person and on the phone to accommodate your schedule.