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CEO/Executive Forums

Also known as roundtables, these forums are facilitated meetings that allow business owners and executives to talk about common issues, challenges, and accomplishments with a group of trusted peers. 


  • Structured time to enable you to step back, reflect, and plan
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas
  • Get timely, constructive advice to solve your challenges
  • Get practical business improvement strategies
  • Sanctuary from your daily hassles
  • Help you stay focused and accountable
  • Sounding board to test your strategies and ideas
  • Combat isolation that stifles creativity
  • Supportive network of colleagues with similar challenges
  • Way to leverage your limited resources
  • Gain diverse perspectives

Forums take place in person or on the phone monthly, for three to twelve months.
Members meet in peer groups of 6-8 people for 1.5 hours by phone or 3 hours in-person.
The group designs the structure and format for the meetings to meet their specific needs.  For example, some groups spotlight one member per month; have each member share his/her challenge and get the suggestions and feedback from other members; or have a guest speaker on a specific business topic.

Membership requirements
CEO, president, owner, partner, principal, general manager
Must attend 80 percent of the meetings
Meetings are confidential