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Group Coaching

A facilitated conversation with a group of 6-8 participants within an organization or with a diverse group of peers, focused on similar challenges or topic areas, for example, branding.  This format provides ample opportunity for all group members to actively participate.


  • Affordable way to get support in these chaotic and challenging times
  • Benefit from the collective wisdom of your colleagues
  • Build network of trusted “Board of Advisors” with whom you connect regularly
  • Provides support that goes beyond what social networking can offer
  • Opportunity for synergy, collaboration, and accountability
  • Enables you to accomplish goals you are not able to achieve by yourself

Group coaching takes place on the phone 1-2 times a month for 3-12 months. The goals, needs, and focus of the group determine membership. We start with interviewing potential participants to define the focus or goal of group, e.g., business strategy, business operations, survivability, or taking your business to the next level. The group sets agenda for each meeting. To assist members with a specific issue, individual coaching will be available during specified office hours weekly in between group meetings.