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Blended Leadership Network™ (BLN)

BLN is a Unique leadership program that capitalizes on blending the diverse skills and talents of women and men working together to solve real challenges in creative ways!

Distinct Benefits and Guiding Principles

  • Design within a design; client organization, participants, and BLN creative director partner throughout to ensure the program meets the organization's goals.
  • Co-created initiative that strengthens leadership capability and, at the same time, provides the knowledge and expertise to help participants build a more inclusive workforce.
  • Equal number of women and men from multiple levels of the organization.
  • Process versus an event.
  • Alternative learning methods, blending art, play, movement, and music with more traditional methods, models and tools.

process description


Talent Business
  • Attract, retain and promote top talent
  • Foster cross-gender collaboration and gender intelligence
  • Develop innovative leaders
  • Build complementary leadership skills
  • Improve competitive advantage
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Optimize growth and profit
  • Brand organization as a pioneer in fostering an inclusive, balanced, and diverse workforce