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Blended Leadership Network™ (BLN)

In March 2014, Governor Deval Patrick launched the Women in the Workforce Initiative task force to make recommendations on how to increase the number of women in senior roles in corporations, government agencies, and on boards of directors.

As a member of the task force it became clear to me that consulting firms and organizations mainly offered separate programs for women and men; no one had created a program that integrated women and men working together to positively impact business results.

Current research confirms that inclusiveness and diversity are increasingly becoming determinants of business survival, growth, profitability and success.

With increased globalization, complexity and competition for market share corporations have a critical need for higher levels of innovation and creativity. Speed-to-market is more important than ever. Technology is driving new ways of doing business. Organizations are hampered by a shortage of required skills and the loss of key talent, especially women. Consequently, companies must tap into all their leadership talent – both women and men – to generate impactful solutions to achieve sustainable results. Taking advantage of all the capabilities within an organization makes good business sense!

The Blended Leadership Network™ (BLN) addresses these challenges by providing a place where women and men can safely explore and learn how to solve business and organizational challenges while working together as a team. They will gain personal insights into their leadership capabilities to help create a more inclusive, diverse, and balanced organization.