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I was raised in South Africa where I was deeply affected by the inhumanity I saw. Over 75 percent of the people had no voice, oppressed by a system of inequality, cruelty, and intimidation. Yet the human spirit prevailed, and out of adversity came transformation. This experience has given me an alternative perspective about the human spirit, leadership, and change; it enables me to risk doing the unusual to get unexpected results. It's important to me to build a relationship with you that will enable you to move forward with compassion, humanity, and respect.

In addition to being a strategist and coach, I'm an installation artist who brings an artist's eye and approach to my work. Art is a process, chaotic at first, yet over time a clear picture or path emerges. I will awaken your creative thinking while helping you stay focused on your most critical goals. Through art and play I will ignite your curiosity and expand your thinking to unearth new insights. In a confidential and non-judgmental forum you will learn structured and inventive methods to help you experiment with new ideas, explore possibilities, take risks and implement changes. My intuitive and sometimes provocative coaching style has the power to transform your feelings of being overwhelmed or uncertain into those of focus, clarity, and accomplishment. I look forward to partnering with you.




Human Spirit! Leadership! Creativity! Change!