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Success Stories

ProblemA Director in a major retail company had to create and implement a Strategic
Plan in partnership with her Co-Director to increase revenues and profitability. She also needed to gain commitment from senior leadership and build a team that could successfully implement the plan.

SolutionShe built the Strategic Plan through collaboration with her Co-Director. She effectively negotiated goals and priorities with her manager; conducted a skills assessment, redefined responsibilities and moved key staff to capitalize on their individual strengths.

ResultsExceeded profitability goals. Team recognized for achieving higher levels of performance. She was promoted to another key department to replicate this business model. Ultimately promoted to National Account Manager.


ProblemThe HR Director at a leading insurance company was chartered with creating a corporate HR Strategy to meet current and future business needs; this would necessitate significant cultural changes. She needed a seat the table to design and implement an impactful strategy.

SolutionThrough coaching and consulting she collaboratively developed with key stakeholders a HR strategic plan. The plan was business focused and inclusive. Senior management provided input to best meet critical business needs.

ResultsThe HR Director earned a seat at the table. She was promoted to VP of HR and then Senior VP of HR, within 4 years and the buy-in from senior management to implement the plan. The company was acquired and she was retained as Senior VP by the acquiring company.


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