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Success Stories

ProblemThe Vice President of Marketing in a health care organization needed to expand his customer base.

SolutionHe developed a targeted strategic plan and merged two similar divisions to consolidate and focus their marketing efforts.

ResultsThe organization implemented a unified approach to customers, reduced duplication with significant cost savings, resulting in a 10 percent increase in the customer base over 22 months.


ProblemThe CFO of a technology company was responsible for the investor road show to announce the company was going public. He wanted to convey a confident and strong presence during the presentations while still being true to his individual style.

SolutionUsing characters from Star Wars, he experimented with different personas during rehearsals to become comfortable with new presentation styles. He also created a more robust strategic plan to engender greater confidence.

ResultsThe IPO share price reached $100/share, far higher than initially projected.


ProblemThe US Coast Guard Information Resource Management function wanted to develop a strategic plan that integrated business planning with information systems planning.

SolutionDuring five 3-day workshops several cross functional teams created an integrated strategic information resources plan that outlined current state, future state, and an implementation plan.

ResultsThe GAO recognized the Coast Guard as being at the forefront of the Federal Government in creating an integrated strategic plan for building automated information systems that included steps to prepare the organization for change.


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